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Pregnancy and Metal Detectors at the Airport

Y.A. asks from Chicago

Can anyone tell me if it's okay for a pregnant woman to go through the metal detectors at the airport? (you know, the ones where you have to walk through after you c...


Tylenol P.M. During Pregnancy?

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

I am 17 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I am having terrible pain in my hips and back which of course makes it very difficult to sleep. I was wondering if anyone...


Face Wash and Pregnancy

R.L. asks from Chicago

I was told that you can not use face wash or eye make-up remover while you are pregnant. Does anybody know if this is true?


Anxiety During pregnancy..."Natural Help"

J.R. asks from Dallas

Hi Ladies, I really need some help. I recently found out I'm pregnant and I'm excited, but overwhelmed all at once. I have been on a low-dose of prozac for awhile no...


Lack of Health Insurance and Pregnancy

K.G. asks from Houston

Okay ladies - need some help...or rather my sister needs some help. My sis is 24 and pregnant. We work for a company that does not carry health insurance. Her husb...


2Nd Pregnancy "Morning Sickness"

C.M. asks from Portland

Hi there! I am currently 7 weeks with baby #2... we tried for nearly 2 yrs for this one, and I could not be happier. However I can not keep anything down... litteraly...


Needed Advice for First Pregnancy

L.S. asks from New York

My fiance and I became pregnant literally a month after he popped the question. We have been together almost 6 years and have known each other going on 11 years. Afte...


Deli Meats During Pregnancy

K.M. asks from Los Angeles

So .... I am officially somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant. At my check in appt. with the nurses yesterday, they said I couldn't have cold deli meat. If I want...


Swine Flu & Pregnancy!

E.P. asks from Corpus Christi

Today we visited our family doctor with a yucky case of bronchitis. During our visit he shared that they had 15 confirmed cases of the swine flu in their office this ...


H1N1 Vaccine During Pregnancy?

S.K. asks from Minneapolis

I know this must be the most asked question these days but I would really like to know more before I make a decision. I am 10 weeks pregnant now and my doctor recomm...