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J.S. asks from San Francisco

Hello everyone, I am pregnant with #2, I am 6 weeks along and my nausea is getting worse and worse. My first pregnancy I was really sick, and don't have the time ...


Risky Birth Versus Adoption

D.J. asks from Amarillo

I need some advice. I have a four year old son. My pregnancy with him was fairly uncomplicated, he was born full term and really healthy. I did have a miscarriage ...



J.I. asks from Washington DC

Hello, My sister is due on September 22nd and she has just been diagnosed with preeclampsia. The Dr. says its nothingto worry about. But if any of you have gone t...


Amniocentesis Can B Done Twice in 16Th Week N Thn in 18Th Week

S.S. asks from New York

Amniocentesis can b done twice in 16th week n thn in 18th week. i want to go for galatosemia in 1st week thn muscular dystrophy in 18 week. is it safe to have tw...


Is Okay to Carry My Toddler While Pregnant?

M.D. asks from New York

I am pregant and a stay at home mom and I have a 18 month old toddler who weighs about 30 pounds. I am with him alone all of the time and he constantly demands to be ...


Is It Ok to Highlight Hair While Pregnant?

D.M. asks from Gainesville

I am 6 weeks pregnant but my hair looks aweful! Anybody have any advice on if it is safe to highlight during pregnancy? Also what about tanning products like bronze...


Herbal Treatments for Labor and Delivery

B.M. asks from Wichita

Hello Ladies! I was just wondering have any of you tried these herbal formulas to help your labor and deliveries? They are called 5W, and Gentle Birth. What I have...


Need OBGYN in Bev. Hills, LA, or Studio City Area.

D.A. asks from Los Angeles

I am seeking a female OBGYN for 1st pregnancy. I have one currently, but she is quite rushed. I am more on the natural birth tip, but since I am 38, would feel mo...



T.B. asks from New York

Hey moms...has any one had abnormal PAPs and ever have to have a colposcopy? I'm HPV negative and have no risk factors for cervical cancer. I'm freaking out here. I...


Morning Sickness

C.M. asks from Philadelphia

I am in my seventh week of pregnancy and have just been hit with a bit of morning sickness....only it lasts all day. I can deal with it while I'm at home, but I work...