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How to Transfer 19 Month Old to Toddler Bed

R.A. asks from Des Moines

My husband and I are pregnant with our second baby, due in a few months, and are needing to transfer our 19 month old son out of the baby's crib. Does anyone have an...


21 Month Old - Is It Time for Toddler Bed?

D.D. asks from Anchorage

I have a wonderful 21 month old little girl and am pregnant with my second child. I am just wondering when to try switching to a toddler bed from a crib. We have bee...


Breastfeeding 16 Month Old

J.R. asks from Miami

My 16 month old still bfeeds 4-5 times a day. He eats about 4 small-medium meals and 2 snacks a day. I am confused as to what is best for him...If he gets this amount...


Severely Anxious All the Time About My Children's Safety

C.J. asks from Dallas

hello lovely mamas, I'm in desperate need of advice; first I want to say that I don't read news, but on the rare occasion that I do there's ALWAYS a horror story abo...


Prozac and Pregnancy

A.N. asks from Cleveland

Hi Ladies, I am wondering if anyone has continued to take Prozac during their pregnancy. I am new to the area, and I don't know my doctors very well. I am getting ...


Helping 21 Month Old Stay Asleep

J.J. asks from Pittsburgh

I have a 21 month old son and have been having some trouble with his sleeping patterns. I am completely against the Ferber method for him and have chosen not to let ...


Is My 15 Month Old Ready for a Toddler Bed?

M.M. asks from Redding

I'm expecting my second child in two months and I was thinking of putting my son who will be 17 months when the baby arrives in a toddler bed. He has a hard time slee...


Pregnancy and Anxiety

R.N. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have any tactful way of telling an expecting mom not to worry so much about her pregnancy? My sister is in the very early weeks with her second. She is h...


Pregnancy Headaches

A.M. asks from New York

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has any experience with really really bad headaches during their pregnancy. I'm 16 weeks along with our second and I'm miserable! my fi...


Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

J.D. asks from Detroit

I suspect that I'm pregnant for a whole lot of reasons but none of the 6 pregnancy tests that I've taken has turned out to be positive. Are there any tests that work...