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How to Transfer 19 Month Old to Toddler Bed

My husband and I are pregnant with our second baby, due in a few months, and are needing to transfer our 19 month old son out of the baby's crib. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? He loves his crib and goes to bed wonderfully every night so I am nervous to change something working so well, but I need to start to get the nursery set up as I was on bed rest the last four weeks of my first pregnancy. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Body Changes

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Period Changes After Pregnancy

just wondering if any of you have had changes in your period after pregnancy? I have a 5 yr old and after having him my periods did go back to normal. But I had twins last August & what a difference. My periods are now very heavy, i pass a lot of clots...i never did that before...They last longer than prior to my pregnancy.. The first 2 days are awlful. I know that pregnancies of multiples is different than just one but is this normal or should i be concerned & make an appointment with the ob/gyn ? Any feedback you have would be greatly...

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Deli Meats During Pregnancy

So .... I am officially somewhere between 4 and 6 weeks pregnant. At my check in appt. with the nurses yesterday, they said I couldn't have cold deli meat. If I wanted it, I could cook it on the stove, then eat it. But .... they also said I could cook it, then store it again in the fridge and eat it. Really? Does anyone actually know the issue with deli meat? Is it more based on proper storage? I intend to ask the doctor, but I don't have that appointment for a few more weeks. Thanks in advance for the info!


What Do I Eat????

I just got pregnant and i dont know what to eat. i eat everything and...


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Underweight 13 Month Old, I Did Have IUGR During Pregnancy.

I have a beautiful 13 month old baby girl. The only concern that I have is that she is very small in size for her age. She's only 13 and a half pounds. Height wise she's doing great, but it just makes her look even that much thinner. I was diagnosed with IUGR (interuterine growth restriction) during my pregnancy and was put on bed rest and saw a high risk doctor the last two months. She was born full term (38 wks buy trying to induce me although I still ended up with a c-section) at 4 lbs 12 oz. She's always been breastfed. She does...


Pregnancy at 43

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy...

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Pilates & Yoga During Pregnancy???

Hey just wondering if anyone knew anything about Yoga & Pilates during pregnnancy. I just started both about a month ago @ my local gym Neither class is prenatel & they don't offer prenatel classes @ this gym. Im about 7 weeks pregnant. Anyone have any advise??? thanks