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Rash on Breasts

I am currently 38 weeks pregnant. About 3 weeks ago my breasts started to get really itchy. It started slowly over a few days and then it was unbearable. It was like someone put itching powder in my bra! I washed all my bras and it didn't help. I haven't changed any detergents/soaps/perfumes, etc. I started putting my Palmer's stretch mark lotion on them because I thought maybe they were just "stretching" getting ready for the baby. It would only relieve the itching for a little while. I even tried some of my 3 yr old daughters...


Pregnancy and Anxiety

Does anyone have any tactful way of telling an expecting mom not to worry so...

Body Changes

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Rash During Pregnancy

I developed ithcy legs after I shaved my legs 2 weeks ago. It has gotten progressively worse. My legs are now covered in red spots. I itch them until they bleed and then they scab and i do it all over again. It is terrible. I have tried Benadryl, Calamine, and every other OTC anti-itch cream, including hydocortisone cream. My OB is out of town and my PCP can't seem me for a few days. Has anyone expirenced this and if so what did you take?


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Itchy Rash During Pregnancy (?? Prurigo??)

I'm 13 weeks pregnant with our second baby, and last Thursday I started having an itchy rash on random spots of my body. They look like tiny little bumps (sometimes the color of my skin and other times more inflamed and red). The bumps started on the backs of my hands and now it's on my forearms, hips, and inner thighs. Sometimes the itching is so bad that it wakes me up. I saw my Ob Gyne b/c I was wondering if it was pregnancy related since nothing else is new and I haven't done anything different (i.e. foods, detergents, lotions, etc). ...

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3 Mo Old Son Has Food Allergies

Hi moms, I am worried about my young 3 mo old. I'm currently nursing him (no trouble there), but he has a particularly bad case of ezcema on his cheeks... This has been going on for about 3 weeks. I've used eucerine calming cream, and that seems to keep the dry, scaly skin from getting too bad. The doc recommended using a 1% hydrocortisone cream, but i'm nervous since those have not been proven completely safe for infants... In the last few days though, he has had a flare up that caused him to vomit (just once after I took my calcium...