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Are High Chairs a Necessity?

I'm currently in the process of registering for our little girl. I found a graco 4-1 highchair, but it seems to be awful pricey compared to others on the market...$180.00. I was talking to my mother about it and she seems to think that we will hardly use a highchair, let alone an all in one. I plan on breastfeeding for as long as possible as well...any suggestions?


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Graco Duo Glider Vs. Graco Quattro Tour: What to Do?....

I'm debating between the Graco Duo Glider and the Graco Quattro Tour. Has anyone used both? If so, which one was better? Is the Quattro worth the extra $100? I'm also getting a double BOB as a present from my MIL so for the day-long excursions (whether that be to the amusement park, jogging, outside or even a long time at the mall) I will be using the BOB. The Graco double (either one) will only be used for short trips to the stores. I've seen that there are many types of DuoGliders, regular and LX. Does the DuoGlider LX have...


Pregnancy at 43

What was your experience like? Did you have complications with the pregnancy...