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Where do I get a more accurate pregnancy test?

I suspect that I'm pregnant for a whole lot of reasons but none of the 6 pregnancy tests that I've taken has turned out to be positive. Are there any tests that work better than others or is there a better time to expect the best outcome? My period is now 5 days late.


Explain a Doula

I had an extremely easy pregnancy the first time around. Now as I plan for...

Body Changes

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Light Reading on Pregnancy Test!!

Hello Ladies, I recently took a Pregnancy test...I am late on my period and I ended up getting sick with a cold or something like that. I mean I had a sore Throat, fever...all that good stuff. So i decided to take a test to be on the safe side before I took some medicine. Well the Test i took was First Response...well I took it at night and I saw that it had a very light line showing positive. So I took another one in the morning and it was a tad bit darker then the first one. This all happen on I have been sick with...

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How Accurate Are Home Pregnancy Tests?

I'm a week late (now 8 days) for my period. But the First Response home test (not the digital but the one with the lines) clearly says I'm not pregnant. My husband and I have been "trying" for about 4 months. I'm turning 39 at the end of this month. I had a copper IUD in previously. The month after that came out I had a 30 or 31 day cycle. Then the 3 months after that I had a 24 day cycle (exactly the same each time). Now it's been 32 days and I'm still not having a period. I know that I should just "relax" and wait another 3 days or a week...


Breastfeed or Not?

I have lots of questions about breast feeding...I am 17 weeks pregnant and...


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First Response Ovulation Tests

have any of you had luck using the first response ovulation tests? i used a friends fertililty monitor when i got pregnant w/my son, but we can't afford one of our own, so i was just wondering about any experiences w/the first response ovulation tests. thanks!!! (i also am charting my cycle and doing basal body temp in the morning)



I am currently on Mirena having pregnancy symptoms. I have taken several...


After Pregnancy...

I know this might be a lot of information but I am wondering if anyone else...