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5 Weeks Pregnancy Cramps

Hi Mamas, I can't get into my OB until October. I am just 5 weeks pregnant and am having cramps. Much like period cramps with occassional sharp pain in my upper left torso. I am very concerned and don't remember cramps with my first pregnancy. The cramps have been going on for several days off and on. No blood is present. Has anyone experience this? Thank you.


Protein in the Urine

I seem to be having a rough time with this pregnancy, even though I feel...

Body Changes

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Are There Any Moms Who Have the Same Symptoms with Each Pregnancy?

I'm 6 wks pregnant and this is my second pregnancy. My first one was completely different. I feel nausea most of the day or super hungry all the time. I never got nausea with my first and I was never super hungry or craving anything during the whole preg. My first is a girl so it makes me wonder if this one is a boy since my symptoms are so different. Also, my breasts were very sensitive the first month with my first. I've hardly noticed any sensitivity with this one. What is going on? I'm very disappointed because my first pregnancy was...