Headache & Migraine

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Freaking About Chiropractic Care... Reading at 1 in the Morning Is Bad.

K.E. asks from Denver

Ok ladies I am really freaking out. I started chiropractic care/acupuncture with a licensed sport injury chiropractic doctor. They took ex-rays and on top of the back...


Post Partum Migraines

L.G. asks from Los Angeles

My baby was born 11 days ago. The day after his birth I developed a migraine headache, and I still have it! Even prescription-strength ibuprofin does not ease the p...


Help with Headaches!

S.M. asks from Chicago

For the past several months I've been experiencing what I believe is migraine headaches. It's always on the left side of my head, right behind my ear. If it gets bad ...


Does Anyone Have Trochleitis And/or Migraines?

J.L. asks from San Francisco

Does anyone suffer from Trochleitis and/or migraines? If so, do you have any words of wisdom or medical advise? I would love to hear it. I have been on every medic...


Experience with "The Natural Cure" Books

V.N. asks from Santa Fe

Has anyone tried any of Dr. Andrew Jones books- "The Natural cure to your migraine headache", "The natural cure to your PMS" or "The all-natural cure to your depressi...


Sandbox Help

J.G. asks from Houston

We recently purchased a playsystem for our children. It includes a wooden sandbox at the base of the playsystem. I bought a tarp to cover it. I should have read up ...


Hypocondriac, Help......

S.K. asks from Denver

Ok I'm totally a hypocondriac and I can admit it. I have had basically every disease, illness you name it and at one time in my life I had it (well in my opinion I've...


Health Care, Dental, and Frustrated with My Husband.

J.F. asks from San Francisco

So... as I sit & type this, I'm in severe pain- jaw pain. The kind that puts you on edge and provides the relentless on-going headache. So, that said, bare with me he...



M.D. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know and love someone with PTSD? My loved one suffering is an Army vet, so the PTSD is combat related, not sure if that makes a difference in the grand sc...


Major Headaches During Pregnancy??

A.W. asks from San Francisco

Hi there, I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant with twins. I've read that headaches are common in pregnancy, but this is ridiculous! It seems almost every morning latel...