Head Lice: Aveeno

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Itchy Head

C.B. asks from St. Louis

Hello ladies! I have a 19 month old boy and he is the best kid ever! I have been very lucky and very blessed. This past week I have noticed him scratching his head...


Head Itches from Allergies

J.G. asks from Austin

Hi moms! This is almost embarrassing to talk about but my head itches so bad I want to scrub it with a Brillo Pad. I know the first thing most moms will go with i...


Toddler with Itchy Head!

J.W. asks from Duluth

My son has been iteching the back of his head for a while now and I'm not sure how to get him to stop. I'm in the process of ruling out laundry soap changes (he does ...


How to cure itchy head after cradle cap on infant?

N.E. asks from Dallas

I hope someone can help/or have experience with this. My 9 month old son had cradle cap as a baby that went away somewhat on his own (with help from me picking of cou...


Five Year Old Has Itchy Scalp

T.A. asks from Seattle

My 5yo dd has a super itchy scalp lately! No lice now or ever, but she's scratching it like crazy and has scratch marks all over. She does have sensitive skin, has ha...


Itchy Scalp

D.F. asks from Portland

My 5 yr old daughter has been scratching her head for the past couple of weeks. I have checked for the usual, lice, dandruff, rash etc. I dont see evidence of anythi...


Dry Scalp

J.O. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter will be 8 next Wednesday and she came home from a visit with her father last weekend with a big patch of flakes on the top of her head. It is not lice an...


What You Use to Keep Your Daughter's Hair Smooth and Tangle Free?

Y.C. asks from New York

I use to just shampoo my 3 year old daughter'a hair and be enough, now she gets so many tangles, specially in the back. Right now I am using the Aveeno shampoo. I w...


Shampoo and Conditioner for 8 Yr Old with Sensitive Scalp

M. asks from Dallas

My 8 year old has been complaining of a very itchy scalp lately. I checked for lice first! And that is not the issue. I am wondering if she has developed an allergy t...


Itchy Scalp

A.C. asks from Muncie

My two year old daughter has a very itchy scalp (she itches to the point of open sores/scabs.) We have changed to a very mild shampoo that is free of dyes and perfum...