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Question About No Period, but Neg Preg Test....

C.A. asks from Washington DC

At almost 32, we are trying for baby #2. I am getting frustrated because it has been almost 6 months and we got prego the first time in only 2 months of active trying...


Late Period, Negative Preg Test

R.M. asks from Sarasota

Hello again everyone. I have a question I hope someone can give me some suggestions about. My period is 2 weeks late. I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, the most recent ...



J.J. asks from St. Louis

Just curious, Anyone ever get pregnant and didnt know it for a few months? Still have periods? My youngest is 13 months old. Ive never had a period while pregnant. The...


Pregnancy Hormone Levels

H.D. asks from Dallas

I had a chemical pregnancy last month at 4 weeks. Because of it my Dr told me the next positive home pregnancy test I get to come in for a blood test. I got a positive...


Test Read Positive, but Still Have Irregular Spotting

R.P. asks from San Antonio

Hello ladies, I am glad to have a source such as this to turn to. Only my husband knows I am pregnant and of course he is not much help with my pregnancy concerns su...


Worried About Early Pregnancy Spotting :(

L.A. asks from Washington DC

So here is my story: After almost a year of trying/testing they determined I was not ovulating (under the category of undiagnosed infertility.) They prescribed 50m...


Anyone Had Ectopic Pregnancy Resolve Itself? How About a Healthy Preg After?

L.G. asks from Detroit

I've known my pregnancy was not viable since 2 days after I had a positive test. HCG stayed low (highest was 400) but continued to rise, so Dr. did ultrasound today a...


Can a Test Be Positive and Then Change to Negative?

L.S. asks from Grand Forks

My last period came on Sept. 26th, I remember way to clearly because I was already 3 days late and I was in my best friends wedding when I got it. I bled very heavy f...


1 Positive & 1 Negative Pregnancy Test?

M.F. asks from Dallas

Im so confused ladies, and I need just advice, comfort, support, I dont know... We have been TTC for the past 9 months had all the tests, sperm is fine, my hormones ar...


Late Period, Negative Test, All the symptoms...going Crazy!

J.H. asks from Richmond

Hi Moms, I'm looking for some advice - my period is three days late, and I am experiencing nausea, frequent urination, breast tenderness, etc. - I FEEL just...