Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

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Help - Do I Have Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease?????

E.M. asks from Los Angeles

Two days ago I woke up with a terrible sore throat - like there was a knife cutting me. Then, after 24 hours it went away - no other symptoms. Then, this morning, I...


Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease

P.L. asks from Charlotte

My daughter recently came down with the mouth version of this viral disease. Does anyone else have any stories to share? He had a high fever all day Saturday and ende...


Hand Foot Mouth Disease

T.D. asks from Tampa

Hi all- My son was exposed to hand foot mouth last week by a little girl that he was playing with and has ended up getting it. I took him to the DR on Tues and they...


Hands- Foot- Mouth Disease

K.N. asks from Birmingham

My 2 and a half year old has just gotten this awful problem. Hand- Foot- Mouth Disease Does anyone have any help in this matter. We have been to the Dr. and well ther...


Foot and Mouth Disease

S.J. asks from Dallas

My twins have gotten Foot and Mouth Disease. It is blisters on the feet and hands. I hadn't heard of it until now. The doctor said we will just get over it in a fe...


Hand Foot Mouth

J.B. asks from Los Angeles

my daughter was diagnosed with hand foot mouth disease about a week ago. does anyone know by chance how long they are contagious for? she was misdiagnosed by the er. ...


How Common Is Hand Foot Mouth?

J.F. asks from Dallas

My oldest child had hand, foot, mouth disease when he was 19mo (he's 4 now) and again when he was 27 months. I had never heard of it until he had it and then thought...


Hand, Foot and Mouth

E.K. asks from New York

Hello, My baby girl almost 3 was exposed to hand, foot and mouth disease on Saturday. She just developed a fever this afternoon and had no appetite. She was exhauste...


Hand Foot and Mouth

T.C. asks from Des Moines

My daughter was diagnosed with Hand, foot and Mouth disease yesterday. I am questioning the diagnosis. My daughter has a rash all over her body, tiny red dots some ...


Hand, Foot and Mouth Diease!!

A.P. asks from Johnstown

Very worried!! My son and nephew both have the hand foot and mouth diease! My son dose not seem to have it very bad, but my nephew is in alot of pain! I am worried th...