Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease: Hydrocortisone

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Hand, Mouth & Foot Disease

J.J. asks from Dallas

ick. i picked up my son today, 2.5 yrs old, from daycare & there was a posting that another kid had hand, foot, mouth disease. i never even heard of it until today!...


Hand Foot Mouth Tips

T.O. asks from Minneapolis

UPDATE: We're all finally doing better. I think the trick is to be patient, give a lot of TLC, soft foods, and luke warm beverages. Neosporin worked well on the p...


16 Month Old with Strange Rash

L.L. asks from Dover

My 16 month old has a strange itchy purplish-red rash on her palms along with a fever and a white coated tongue. She does not have the rash in her mouth or on her fee...


Itchy Hands and Feet??

R.G. asks from Detroit

For the past couple of weeks, my 3 year old son wakes up in the middle of the night scratching the bottoms of his feet and the palms of his hands. He can't sleep bec...


Strange Rash on Hands

K.R. asks from Youngstown

Today I noticed a strange rash on my 6 year olds hand. It is very odd- I thought he had a few mosquito bites yesterday but today it seems to have spread. It is only o...


Advice on Toddlers Face Rash

R.L. asks from Seattle

My daughter is 20 months and she has this rash on her lower part of her cheeks on both sides, has anyone ever come across this? If so, what do you suggest? I was told...


Advise for Toddler with Eczema

O.G. asks from Sacramento

My 3 year old has had eczema off and on since she was born. It has recently flared up to the point that she is scratching and wakes up crying because it is bothering...


Baffled by So Called Eczema Rash !!!!!

T.C. asks from New York

Hi I have a 6mth old baby girl and over the past 3wks she has developed a rash on the top of her arm(elbow area). It started out looking like prickle heat and the...


Tiny Blisters on My Fingers

K.L. asks from Kansas City

Lately I've been geting these tiny little blisters on my fingers. First it started out on my ring finger, so I thought it was maybe because of my ring, but they are d...


Little White Bumps on My Son's Body...

S.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hi Ladies, This isn't an urgent issue (or I'd be at the doctor), but I am curious to know if this sounds familiar to anyone. In the past couple of days, my 5yo son h...