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Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

A.G. asks from San Francisco

My 2 1/2 year old has come down with Hand Foot & Mouth Disease (similar to chickenpox but not itchy). Most likely picked it up from daycare. The doctor said to only g...


Hand Foot Mouth

M.K. asks from Sacramento

Hi Ladies, My son (21 months) has been spiking a temp and developed a rash all over and sores in his mouth. He's miserable. So, I took him to the doctor today and ...


Hand Foot Mouth Tips

T.O. asks from Minneapolis

UPDATE: We're all finally doing better. I think the trick is to be patient, give a lot of TLC, soft foods, and luke warm beverages. Neosporin worked well on the p...


Hand, Foot, and Mouth

C.D. asks from Dallas

My son is 9 months old and has never been sick...until today! Ugh...help please... I picked him up from his in-home daycare today at 2:30 and he had a very high f...


Hand, Foot, Mouth

L.P. asks from Sacramento

My 6 year old has hand, foot, mouth disease. Anyone have ANY suggestions on how to handle his pain? Bad sores on his throat. Using Tylenol and Motrin which helps b...


Hand, Foot, and Mouth Virus

K.D. asks from Sacramento

My daughter was diagnosed with this flu and is having trouble eating - mainly not interested. Also, she refuses to sleep in her crib now, only wants to sleep while be...


Itchy Hands and Feet??

R.G. asks from Detroit

For the past couple of weeks, my 3 year old son wakes up in the middle of the night scratching the bottoms of his feet and the palms of his hands. He can't sleep bec...


Child Has Hives

K.D. asks from Dallas

I took my 18 month old to the doctor today with hives. She had one spot last night and when she woke up her legs were all broken out. Within hours it continued to s...


Spots on My Daughter

J.W. asks from Evansville

Hey everyone, my daugher has spots on her that appeared from nowhere. There are probally ten of them total. Going from memory, there are 3 on each of her sides, 2 or ...


Advise for Toddler with Eczema

O.G. asks from Sacramento

My 3 year old has had eczema off and on since she was born. It has recently flared up to the point that she is scratching and wakes up crying because it is bothering...