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14 Year Old That Has a Lot of Headaches

D.J. asks from Tulsa

I have a 14 year old son that has headaches quite often. He wears glasses, so that is not the problem. He comes home from school daily with a headache. I have take...


11 Year Old Hair

K.W. asks from New York

My 11 year old, has the worst dry scalp and the the most oily hair. Mostly on the top of her head... We use salon Biologe shampoo. And I only put a light conditioner ...


Teen Hair

C.J. asks from Chicago

My 11 year old daughter has very oily hair. Even using a clarifying shampoo, the minute her hair dries, it is oily. Help!


Dealing with 12 Year Old Son's Behavior Problems

L.C. asks from St. Louis

Hello, I'm looking for suggestions for disciplining my 12 year old son with ADHD. He's usually a good kid but he's been having problems latly at home and at school. T...


gREASY HAIR What to Do!!!

K.B. asks from Sarasota

My daughter is 12 yrs old and has struggled with greasy hair for a couple yrs now . I have swithched shampoo's and conditioners and did straight viniagar but still l...


10 Year Old with "Greasy" Hair

J.R. asks from New York

My 10 year old daughter's hair is "greasy" looking. She washes it almost every day and uses and a good shampoo, purchased from the salon originally for me, but now u...


Mixed Race Infant Hair Care

A.F. asks from Boston

I am due to have a mixed race (african american & white) little girl in Feb. I have started to stress out because, I don't know how to take care of nappy hair. I know...


My 11 Year Old Son Wants His Hair Color to Be Blue and Red

K.C. asks from Cleveland

So my 11 year old son (going into 6th grade) has been asking to dye his hair blue and red. Although I am not comfortable with this, I agreed to buy colored hair spra...


Need Help with 11 Year Old Son Behavior Problems

K.S. asks from Springfield

I really need help with my almost 11 year old. He is EXTREMELY argumentative and an extreme "jerk" for no better word. He is "always right" and if he's corrected - ...


Hair Care for an Active 3 Year Old

E.D. asks from Los Angeles

I would like advice - my 3 year old daughter has beautiful long hair that falls in ringlet curls. However, I am having difficulty brushing it because she screams the ...