Hair: Tween, Hydrocortisone

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Cradle Cap Flakes Taking Hair Out

My 2 1/2 yr old has minor eczema problems and cradle cap that comes and goes. The eczema has been easy to treat when it shows up but for the most part I left the cradle cap alone. It didn't seem to bother my daughter so it didn't bother me. I just minimized the number of times per week I shampood her hair, to minimize the drying effect on her scalp. The eczema is really mild every where else on her body and is cleared up with just a few treatments of hydrocortisone 1%. My husband, however, has been bothered by the cradle cap and wanted me...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...


Baby Hair Care

Hi ladies,My 7 month old was born with lots of hair.  She has already had 3...

Dry Hair or Scalp

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Help with 12 Year Old - Itchy Scalp

Hi moms, I am hoping to get some different points of view of what can be going on with my 12 year old. She has had an itchy head for a couple of years now. I attributed it to dandruff and began her on a regimen of Head & Shoulder's type shampoos/conditioners. No help. I took her to the dermatologist who was no help. He checked her for lice. I told him that if it was lice I would think that at least ONE of the SIX other people in the house would have the same symptoms. He gave us some drops to put on her head nightly. It helped very little,...