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Losing Hair!

K.T. asks from Chicago

I have been losing hair since 3 months after I gave birth to my daughter. She will be 6 months old in a few days and my hair keeps falling out. I have noticed that my...


Teen Hair

C.J. asks from Chicago

My 11 year old daughter has very oily hair. Even using a clarifying shampoo, the minute her hair dries, it is oily. Help!


Baby Hair Care

K.L. asks from Seattle

Hi ladies,My 7 month old was born with lots of hair.  She has already had 3-4 haircuts.  The problem is that her hair gets really snarled in the back when she sleep...


Growing Hair

N.W. asks from Houston

I have a 1 year old daughter and she has very little hair. What can I do to help her hair to grow faster. I am ready for her to have real pony tails not those little ...


Baby Hair

N.K. asks from San Juan

my baby is 5 month old...but he still have no hair...


Thin Hair!

A.F. asks from Joplin

I am 39 and after I had my son four yrs. ago my hair started getting thinner. I used to have super thick hair. I also found out my thyroid is under active and I've st...


Hair Loss

B.S. asks from Huntington

Does anyone know how to thicken your hair with special hair products. My hair is thinnning on the sides only ,I am 37 and all grey :(! So,is there any products to h...


Hair Falling Out

M.R. asks from Boston

hi every one i don't know if any one else has this problem but my hair is always falling out when i wash it hair comes out when i brush it my brush is full of hair or...


Thinning Hair

C.R. asks from Dallas

does anyone know of any good products to help regrow thinning hair?