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Active 4 Year Old

C.S. asks from Chicago

More then anything I think I just want to vent. I am ashamed of myself. I have a beautiful just turned four year old boy who I adore. The problem is he is full of ene...


Discipline of a 4 Year Old... Im Going Crazy Here

M.R. asks from Seattle

.<a little background info here, my inlaws are legally disabled due to health problems, MiL is on oxygen 24/7 and FiL has a blood disorder that causes him to be very...


How Many Mom's Get up Every Morning and Put on Full Makeup and Fix Hair?

S.J. asks from Denver

Here I go with my second question. How many moms get up and put on full face paint (makeup) and fix your hair, not comb and throw back but actually fix - curl, style...


Personality Change in 3 Year Old

M.T. asks from Dallas

Hello!! I have a question about my three year old son. Within the past week, his personality has gone from sweet natured to extremley fussy. He was sick with a col...


Gray Hair on Toddler

K.M. asks from Dallas

Hello, Ladies! Okay, my husband and I just noticed this in the sunlight after leaving my sons' doctor appointment (or I would have asked her). My son just turn...


Almost 3 Year Old's SEVERE Dry Skin

C. asks from Chicago

My son's skin has always been real dry, but especially in the past year or so. I'm quickly running out of ideas on how to help it. He's almost 3 years old (will be ...


My 4 Year Old Daughter's Picky Appetite Is Driving Me Crazy - Please Help!

C.P. asks from Minneapolis

My 4 year old daughter will only eat things she likes - things that aren't super healthy for her unfortunately. She will eat some fruits like strawberries and blueber...


What's a Bigger Spending Priority than Health Insurance?

J.T. asks from New York

I admit I'm not an average American financially so I am curious and would like to be educated. When I see or hear people say they can't afford health insurance, I wo...


4 Year Old Anger Issues

K.R. asks from Bismarck

My 4 year old nephew (sister’s son) has some major anger and discipline issues. He is very head strong, if he doesn’t get his way he has a tantrum. He always hits...


4 Year Old "Cradle Cap"?

T.J. asks from Dallas

A friend of mine has a 4 year old with very blonde hair. His scalp is flaky similar to cradle cap in a newborn. Has anyone had experience with this and knows how to...