Hair: Aveeno

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Hypoallergenic Hair Products

I am very sensitive to dyes and fragrances and have to use lotions, soaps, and detergents that are hypoallergenic. I have tried several different shampoos and conditioners, but I haven't been able to find anything that doesn't irritate my scalp. I've tried Dove, Aveda, and more! Any suggestions? I have semi thick and wavy hair that I usually flat iron, so conditioner is a must. Thanks!


Dog Loosing Hair?

Hi Moms, I'm hoping that someone out there is a vet or has knowledge of dogs...


Baby Hair Care

Hi ladies,My 7 month old was born with lots of hair.  She has already had 3...


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Dandruff in a Six Year Old

Good morning ALL! i hope everyone's Monday is off to a great start. Any recommendations to help get my six year old's dandruff under control? This started about a week and a half ago. Any suggestions? Thank you! PS, i wash his hair with either Johnson and Johson's shampoo OR Suave shampoo for kids


Dry Flaky Scalp

I am in desperate need of assistance. My daughter just turned one this month...

Dry Hair or Scalp

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Itchy Dry Scalp

My 6 month old daughter has been scratching the back of her head like crazy yesterday & today. Any suggestions on what to do? She uses Aveeno Baby Shampoo. The back of her scalp looks dry, flakey, & irritated.


Itchy Scalp Again!

After swimming in a friends' pool, me and my family all have have itchy...

Hair Coloring

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Hair conditioner/Face Moisturizer

My hair is color treated and is increasingly getting dry. I need a good conditioner and can't seem to find any that will actually improve the condition of the hair and not just be a temporary solution. Any ideas? ALSO, I need a hydrating face daytime moisturizer, so if you've been pleased with your moisturizer, I'd love to try that as well. I am happy with my nighttime moisturizer but need a good one for daytime. I'm in my 50's and my skin is drying out. Ideas?? Thanks everyone!

Hair Thinning

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Cradle Cap Flakes Taking Hair Out

My 2 1/2 yr old has minor eczema problems and cradle cap that comes and goes. The eczema has been easy to treat when it shows up but for the most part I left the cradle cap alone. It didn't seem to bother my daughter so it didn't bother me. I just minimized the number of times per week I shampood her hair, to minimize the drying effect on her scalp. The eczema is really mild every where else on her body and is cleared up with just a few treatments of hydrocortisone 1%. My husband, however, has been bothered by the cradle cap and wanted me...


Help with Eczema

My 6 month old was just diagnosed with eczema and I am trying to get his...

Head Lice

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Head Itches from Allergies

Hi moms! This is almost embarrassing to talk about but my head itches so bad I want to scrub it with a Brillo Pad. I know the first thing most moms will go with is lice and that's not the issue. It's bad allergy time for me right now. I've always had a moderate amount of itching all over when this time hits but this is out of control this year. I'm thinking that it's worse since I've had my daughter in May. Lots of things that used to effect my body mildly are worse now after pregnancy so I'm just assuming this is one of them. What...


Is It Lice???

Hello Our friend came over with his daughter Saturday and found lice on her...