Hair Coloring: Tween

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14 Year Old That Has a Lot of Headaches

D.J. asks from Tulsa

I have a 14 year old son that has headaches quite often. He wears glasses, so that is not the problem. He comes home from school daily with a headache. I have take...


My 11 Year Old Son Wants His Hair Color to Be Blue and Red

K.C. asks from Cleveland

So my 11 year old son (going into 6th grade) has been asking to dye his hair blue and red. Although I am not comfortable with this, I agreed to buy colored hair spra...


Throwing a Birthday Party for a 13 Year Old Girl!?!?

C.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello All! My boss just called and he wants me to put together a birthday party for his daughter who is turning 13. He is a single dad, and is at a loss to what she ...


11 Year Old Hair

K.W. asks from New York

My 11 year old, has the worst dry scalp and the the most oily hair. Mostly on the top of her head... We use salon Biologe shampoo. And I only put a light conditioner ...


Advice on 12 Year-old Shaving Hairy Thighs....

J.R. asks from Boston

My 12 year old daughter has been shaving her legs now for probably over a year. She has very "hairy" legs, although not "black" hair, she is lucky in that respect. Th...


Seeking Hair Salon for Color

S.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hello Ladies.... I need help finding a hair salon in the Pasadena area that does great coloring at a low cost (under $100). I am happy with my hairstylist, but I H...


Manic Panic Hair Color in Dark Hair?

S.K. asks from South Bend

My son is 11 and wants to have green and black streaks in his hair. (he's a little skater-guy) ;-) I've always said I would be an open-minded mom, and be supportiv...


10 Year Old with "Greasy" Hair

J.R. asks from New York

My 10 year old daughter's hair is "greasy" looking. She washes it almost every day and uses and a good shampoo, purchased from the salon originally for me, but now u...


Your Thoughts on Speaking About Skin Color

D.W. asks from Dallas

Moms, I will try to be short and to the point, but I want to know how you handle or if you feel the need to handle issues of race when it comes to your kids. Let me ...


13 Year Old Lesbian Daughter

V.B. asks from Washington DC

My 13 year old daughter recently told me that she is a lesbian. I am overwhelmed and shocked. Never in our family it has happened. I hope and pray that it is only a p...