Hair Coloring: Teen

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Hair Color Question

K.J. asks from New Orleans

When you dyed your hair months ago and it time to re-dyed your hair are you supposed to dye it over the old hair color??? Or get hair dye removal and then dye it a ne...


Newborn Hair Color - How to Determine?

D.A. asks from Chicago

My new baby was born with a full head of dark hair. It seems to be getting lighter and is looking a bit red. I am not sure if red heads are born with red hair or wh...


Manic Paanic Hair Color

D.S. asks from Phoenix

i want the manic panic semi hair cream but i dont want to bleach my hair. i have really dark hair do u have any idea how i would do something about it. i was wanting ...


Henna to Color Hair

D.M. asks from Sacramento

Hello, I was wondering if any one has tried coloring their hair with henna. I color my hair every 6 weeks and I am trying to find something without the harsh chemic...


Question About Kid Hair Color

B.A. asks from Detroit

Just wondering if anyone had a kid whose hair changed color as they got older, I.e. a blond kid who went dark brown. At what age did this happen? Just curious!


Manic Panic Hair Color in Dark Hair?

S.K. asks from South Bend

My son is 11 and wants to have green and black streaks in his hair. (he's a little skater-guy) ;-) I've always said I would be an open-minded mom, and be supportiv...


17 Year Old's Hair

G.B. asks from Fresno

My 17, 18 in October, year old walked in. I had one of the biggest fights with her! She jsut casually came through, and she has shaved her long hair on one side, like...



J.D. asks from Las Vegas

im new,and went to a salon to get my hair highlighted an low lights and it is so blonde, i am very unhappy with it, I did not want it that blonde almost white, I just...


How Common Is It to Color or Perm a Childs Hair?

C.F. asks from Dallas

I have been so tempted to do some of these things to my daughters hair, but will it be considered weird? Again, this is my almost 7 year old (next week) that I am ta...


My 11 Year Old Son Wants His Hair Color to Be Blue and Red

K.C. asks from Cleveland

So my 11 year old son (going into 6th grade) has been asking to dye his hair blue and red. Although I am not comfortable with this, I agreed to buy colored hair spra...