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Steroids for Fetal Lung Development?

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

The goods new is the baby is healthy and above average in weight, however, the drs. are quite certain I will have an early csection, due to complications/high risk an...


Coloring Hair During Your 2Nd Trimester??

M.P. asks from Dallas

I am about 13 weeks pregnant and really need to color my hair.... does anyone know if it is o.k. to color during your 2nd trimester? I plan on asking my dr. at my ap...


PUPPP Rash During Pregnancy

M.K. asks from Milwaukee

Hello, I thought I saw a request about a rash during pregnancy but could not find it, so I need help. I have PUPPP it just started and I am 30 weeks pregnant with...


Treatment for Lupus (Hair Loss)

N.Y. asks from Dallas

Dear Moms, My dear friend is diagnosed with Lupus recently. She is having patches of Hair Loss on her scalp. She is on treatment with steroids. She is planning for k...


Dental Filling During Pregnancy

V.M. asks from Los Angeles

I had a metal dental filling drilled on and replaced when I was 7 months pregnant in January, and within two weeks I was hospitalized with what the neurologist inform...


Hair Falling Out???

S.M. asks from Memphis

I am 36 years old and about 2 months ago my hair has been coming out in the shower by the handful and another handful while I am blow drying and styling my hair. I i...


Allergy Meds While Pregnant

S.M. asks from Columbus

I was hoping someone might know of an allergy medicine that is safe to use during pregnancy. I get chronic sinus infections from my allergies. Last time I was pregn...



M.K. asks from Dallas

I've been struggling with hives for 3 weeks now and am so frustrated. The only thing that I can perceive that I did differently was that I ate scallops the night bef...


Advice for Discoid Lupus

A.A. asks from Milwaukee

Hello Everyone, I was introduced to this forum by a friend of mine, Neelima. She posted a request on behalf of me seeking advice for lupus. I am gald I have such ...


Just Found Out I'm Pregnant Again

K.H. asks from Naples

I guess I should be jumping for joy but I'm very nervous... My daughter is turning 1 on April 5 and I just took a pregnancy test today and it's positive. No we we...