Hair Care: Toddler

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Swimming and Haircare for Fine Long Hair

My Daughter has fine long hair. It gets very dry and the texture gets straw like in the summer from sun and swimming. We just started swimming lessons this week and I put it in braids which helps the tangling. I'm wondering if there are products or tips I can use to help keep her hair in the best condition possible. We do try to rinse off and shampoo as soon as possible afterwards. Thanks!

Haircuts & Styles

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How Long Has Hubby/SO Had Their Haircut Style?

My hubby and I were sitting this am having a cup of coffee (something we rarely get to do on a weekday) and I looked at him and a picture of us from 10 years ago on the wall right behind him and realized he has the same hair style from the day I met him. Wow.... We met at 17 and I am sure he had the haircut for a while before that. So I would guess he has had this style for at least 16 years now. What about your hubby... do they change their styles/cut at all or have they been rockin the same do for years? hehehe


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Spray on Tan / Self-tanner

Moms.... I am looking for a good healthy glow - but I don't want to use a tanning bed! Tell me your secrets for sun-kissed, gorgeous skin! Have you ever used the spray-tan at the tanning salons? If so, what results? Do you have a self-tanner you simply love? All that I have used have made my skin orange!!