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Homeschooling a 3 Year Old

Any advice on starting a cuuriculum for my 3 year old. I'm a SAHM and our budget is slim, right now I can't afford to get him into half day preschool. The least expensive I've found is $95 a week. So I've been seriously thinking of homeschooling him. What advice, websites and curriculum can be beneficial and easy to teach. Thanks moms

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My 4 Year Old Gets Homework....

My 4 year old daughter is in preschool and gets homework once a week. Her teachers really want the class to be prepared for kindergarten, so they give homework so that the information is reinforced at home. However, no one I know who have young kids in other preschools get homework. I am just wondering if anyone else with children in preschool bring home any homework. I think that it's a bit much for a 4 year old. She goes to a pretty academic preschool, but i have never heard of a 4 year old coming home with homework, even if it is only...


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How to Get 4 Year Old to Eat Meat!!

I have a beautiful 4 year old son who would rather eat fruit than chips and cut up fresh veggies than popcorn! It is amazing and I love it! My mom said I was the same way as a child(still am). Any ways...he will not eat meat without a huge fight and doesn't like cheese or beans either. I have trued everything! His pediatrician gave me the green light for him to be a vegatarian or even a vegan eater. I will be joining him but I want to know if you think I should get him(make him I guess) to eat meat first or should I concede defeat on this...