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Gymoree or My Gym

M.G. asks from Detroit

Does anyone has any experience on taking thier children to Gymboree or My Gym? Which one is best in teaching, clean facilities, etc.?


Going to the Gym

V.R. asks from Las Vegas

Hi Mamas,I am wanting to start working out at the Gym. However I am not sure what time is best to go and work out. I work full time and have four kids to go home to a...


Gym Daycare

J.U. asks from New York

Hello. I have a 10 month old son who hs not had much exposure to other kids and care givers. i stayed home with him for the first 6.5 months and now i have a friend...


After Baby Joining a Gym

R.F. asks from New York

My daughter is going to be 6 months and I am feeling depressed about this last 20 or 30 lbs i need to drop. I looked at a womens gym but I am not sure if i trust thes...


Looking for Gym Advice

L. asks from Phoenix

I was wondering if anyone has advice on joining a gym. I have called Bally's, 24 Hour Fitness, Mountainside and Lifetime. Just looking for any other Mom's that have...


When Do You Find Time to Go to the Gym?

P.S. asks from Buffalo

I work full time and have a gym membership wasting away and I'm wondering how other Moms fit in their exercise during the work week. I feel too guilty going to the g...


Child Care at the Gym

J.D. asks from Washington DC

I have 18 month old twins. I have been at home with them full-time for the past 8 months. I love being at home with them....but I would love to get back to going to...


Gym Birthday Ideas

L.T. asks from San Francisco

I'm doing a birthday party for my daughter (turning 3) at a local gym. Somebody can recomend some nice goody bags...i just want something diferent. Thank you


Looking for Gym with Outstanding Childcare

K. asks from Dallas

I'm looking for a gym in the Dallas area with GREAT childcare. I'm currently a member of LA fitness but have been less than impressed with the childcare staff. I'm lo...


Little Gym or Gymboree

L.M. asks from Dallas

I have a one year old baby that's very chubby (my bumble bee!) and I was considering little gym or gymboree. She's also not walking, still cruising around furniture....