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Just Getting into Gymnastics - What Should We Expect?

J.J. asks from Tallahassee

Hello Moms! My 3 1/2 year old daughter has decided she wants to try gymnastics. She began talking about it while she was watching Shawn Johnson in the summer Olymp...


Seeking Gymnastics Studio

K.H. asks from Boston

Hello I am looking for a gymnastics program in the Milford, Mendon,Uxbridge area. My daughter is very energetic and loves to climb and balance. She will be 3 in May ...


2 Year Old in Gymnastics

J.B. asks from Sacramento

Hi ladies, 1st timer here.. I live in Elk Grove California and am looking for a place to put my 2 year old in Gymnastics.. She is quite the tumbler and loves to climb...


Seeking Gymnastic Program

K.R. asks from Phoenix

Hi Mamas. I'm looking to get my 6 year old daughter in some kind of after school program. I was thinking gymnastics but have checked into and it cost around $170 a ...


Gymnastics Class or Piano Lessons

T.A. asks from Washington DC

Does anyone know of a good place to take a three year old for gymnastics class or piano lessons? I need the classes to be without the parents assistance. I have the...


Are There Any "Mommy and Me" Gymnastic Classes in the Area?

M. asks from Birmingham

My son is almost 14 months old, and I've been reading that gymnastics classes are good for toddler's near his age. I know that there used to be a My Gym in Hoover, bu...


Toddler Dance or Gymnastics Class

N.K. asks from Austin

I am looking for a dance or gymnastics class for my two year old. We are in a class right now that is free play only. I'm looking for something structured to her age ...


Gift for Gymnastics Teacher?

E.S. asks from Lubbock

My twins (4 yo) are finishing gymnastics this evening. It will be the last of a 5 month program. My question - do you tip/gift something to the instructors? There ...


Should I Pull My Daughter Out of Gymnastics, or Not?

M.O. asks from Oklahoma City

Ok, here is the jist, Ihave had my 3 yr old daughter in gymnastics for almost a year now. She goes for about 45 mins, once a week. Earlier this year, she had a a litt...


Seeking Cheap Gymnastics Leotards

B.S. asks from Chicago

My daughter is in need of some new leotards. We have set a limit of around $30 give or take a few dollars. We have looked almost everywhere online, but all that com...