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How to Tell Mother-in Law We Do Not Feel Comfortable with Her Watching the Kids

J.S. asks from Pittsburgh

My mother-in-law will be 74 soon and we are having issues with her watching our children. We have a 10 yr old boy and a 2 yr old girl. I am not so worried about our s...


Trying to Quit smoking...feel like I'm Dying

J.P. asks from Dallas

Hey mamas, I have been a pack a day smoker for many years now. I no longer have the money to afford my dirty habit. Also, my family hates it. I feel so horrible...


5 Year Old Dental Xrays

T.2. asks from Dallas

Having a bad day today. 2 weeks ago I took my DS for his first dental appointment ever. The dental office policy is to not let parents for big kids inside the office....



A.R. asks from Columbia

My daughter is now 6 months old and has her two bottom teeth and is cutting her eye teeth first instead of her front teeth. the doctors says there is no order in how ...


Have You Seen Super Size Me?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

I am watching it right now for the first time. I found out recently that I have PCOS so I am going to need to make some huge changes in my diet which I have been tryi...


Dental Question - Wisdom Tooth in 45 Year Old

P.G. asks from Dallas

So my wisdom teeth never came in. They're there, have never caused any problems. Teeth are straight, no pain, etc. We moved and I went to the dentist (after a LONG ti...


Wisdom Tooth Pain and Extraction

N.B. asks from San Juan

I guess my wisdom tooth is impacted, my lower left side is paining, swollen face ( left side), and inside the mouth i can see half of the tooth, actually it had come ...


Teething Has Turned My Sweet Angel into a Little DEVIL

T.F. asks from Indianapolis

My son is almost 5 months and for the last week he has been crazy. He usually sleeps through the night, doesn't cry much, and just really happy. He got his 4 mth sh...


Gluten Free Products

J.C. asks from Chicago

I am looking to find some great tasting gluten free products. I recently found out that I cannot have gluten in my diet and would also like to eliminate it from my f...



H.M. asks from Chicago

Ok I'll try to make this short, my husband of 9 years (together 11) does not have the best teeth. Growing up he never really took care of them neither did his parent...