Guitar Lessons: Toddler

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At-home Piano Teacher for 3YO

L.T. asks from Dallas

I am looking for a piano teacher who can come to my home in Southlake to give my 3YO son lessons. I want to keep it low stress so I figured having someone coming to o...


Learning Piano as an Adult :)

J.S. asks from Minneapolis

We are proud owners of my Grandma's piano. It was bought new in the 1970's, and was never played much. We moved it to our home in June (now that my 91 year old Grand...


Music Lessons for 5 Year Old

M.C. asks from Las Vegas

My son just turned five and has always been very intereted in music. His grandparents want to get him started on music lessons which is wonderful but I am not sure if...


Speech Therapy

R.D. asks from St. Louis

My son's dr. said if in 3 mos. he isn't talking he should see a speech therapist. He is only 18 mos. old. He has about 9 words he can say. Although he can't fully s...


Musical Instruments

L.C. asks from Allentown

My 4.5 year old daughter loves music as do most kids this age...We'd like her to get lessons to learn an instrument but not sure where to start...what would be a good ...


Is First Grade Too Early to Start Violin Lessons?

L.K. asks from San Francisco

My daughter seems really interested, but will she be totally discouraged by starting to play violin now?


How Much Do You Pay for Private Music Lessons?

J.P. asks from Chicago

That about said it all- cost for how long? Thanks!


Birthday Gifts

J.B. asks from Rochester

It is my husbands birthday in a few days. He is really difficult to buy for because he usually just gets what he wants and the things he wants are mostly tools and el...


Gymnastics for 4.5 Year Old Boy in Gv,colleyville, Southlake, HEB

D.W. asks from Dallas

Hi, Moms. I am trying to find a good gymnastics programs for my 4.5 year old son. I would like a facility in which the coaches are good, considerate and caring of ...


Getting My Kids to Listen to Me While Dad Is Away

J.E. asks from Los Angeles

My husband left for deployment to Iraq about a month ago. I have an 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old son. We just found out we have to move, starting May 5. I ...