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How Do I Get My 10 Year Old to Be More Responsible?

M.H. asks from York

Hello, I am looking for some advice on 10 year old responsibility. My son is a very good student, very bright and fortunately does not struggle academically. My pro...


Advice on Dealing with My 10 Year Old Daughter

A.R. asks from Hartford

I am having an extremely difficult time dealing with my 10 year old. We have been having issues with her since pre-K, but right now the main issue is she is just so l...


When Punishment Just Does Not work...Where Do I Go from Here!?

K.D. asks from Philadelphia

You may remember me from a previous submittal (My 10 year old is taking things that do not belong to her). My daughter is now 11 yrs old and her behavior is disinteg...


12 Year Old Tween

A.M. asks from Columbus

Ok moms, I got it about the Tramp word and I really appreciate all the advice. Wanted to let you all know that I did take the advice and I prayed and sat down and ...


My 10 Year Old

A.M. asks from Los Angeles

I have a daughter and she is ten. Every time I don't let her do what she wants she either starts crying or gives me a look. I don't know what to do! please give me so...


11 Year Old with Fierce Temper and Anger Issues! HELP!

C.E. asks from Dallas

My 11 year old daughter (middle child) has an outrageous temper with me. With her teachers, classmates, friends or strangers she is an ANGEL 100%. But with me she is ...


My Fiance's 12 Year Old Son's Behavior Is Out of Control!

C.P. asks from Portland

I am engaged to a man with a 12 year old son. This is the first time I have been with a man who has a kid so it has taken some real adjusting on my part. Since the mo...


Is More Servere Punishment Needed?

S.Y. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is 13 years old and seems to be the class clown in her English class. She is has not been doing her work, in class or at home and she dancing, talking wit...


Punishment for 14 Yr Old

T.R. asks from Dallas

My step son is disobeys everything you tell him to do at home and at school. He is very smart and has made straight A's before. He failed on his last report card. He ...


11 Year Old Stepson Is Totally Rude, Disrespectful.

J.M. asks from New York

I am in a relationship with a wonderful woman. She has an 11 year old son who at first was very kind and decent towards me. I help him with his homework and his grade...