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What Is a Good Punishment For....

B.D. asks from Richmond

My 5 yr old son is giving me a time because of his behavior and the things he does...well i need advice on what kind of punishment is a god idea to fit the "crime"......


Appropriate Punishment???

S.R. asks from St. Louis

Hi Moms! Oh, am I mad! One of my 6 year old twins has always been a challenge when it comes to his behavior. He does all the typical things that boys do and more. He...


Punishment /Consequence for Stealing/lying

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

Ok I have no proof and it's kind of silly but we need to nip it in the bud. Over the weekend daughter and I were baking. I showed her some cool chocolates and stuff I...


Help with a Proper Punishment

C.H. asks from Dallas

Good afternoon everyone!!! I am posting for my friend as she is having a hard time with her daughter... she has been keeping my daughters this summer while I am at wo...


Is More Servere Punishment Needed?

S.Y. asks from Milwaukee

My daughter is 13 years old and seems to be the class clown in her English class. She is has not been doing her work, in class or at home and she dancing, talking wit...


Punishment for 14 Yr Old

T.R. asks from Dallas

My step son is disobeys everything you tell him to do at home and at school. He is very smart and has made straight A's before. He failed on his last report card. He ...


Looking for Punishment Advice....

M.T. asks from Fayetteville

My soon to be 14 year old niece that I raise recently stayed out all night without asking or telling anyone where she would be. She had went to the movies with a coup...


Punishment What to Do???

B.B. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I need some advice on what to do with my 11 year old. She is in gifted and talented and she all the sudden has gotten lazy. She wants to get out of gifted an...


What Should Be the Punishment?

A.K. asks from Houston

Yesterday, when I went out to shut up my chickens, I noticed one of them stuck in the mud by the lake. Our lake is so dangerous at the moment due to the drought, the ...


What Should the Punishment Be?

B.E. asks from Phoenix

It is the 4th day of school and already my daughter is in trouble. She started the 3rd grade at our local christain school. She asked this morning if she could take h...