Grocery Shopping

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COUPONS??? How to Get Grocery Bill Down.

S.B. asks from Milwaukee

Ok, So My husband and I eat a lot of fresh food. I really love to cook and I tend to stay out of the middle isles of the grocery stores unless I have to get ingredie...


Seeking Grocery Stores & Supermarkets

L.P. asks from Boston

I just moved to Newton Highlands and I need to find some really good grocery stores and supermarkets. I did find a nearby Whole Foods but it was a bit small and quite...


Cheapest Grocery Store

J.I. asks from Dallas

OK, I am doing my own little survey. My husband and I are trying to get back on track and our house payment caught back up from missing two. This means I am on a ve...


Frustrated with Grocery Coupons. HELP!

A.M. asks from Dallas

I signed up at the Grocery Game website and did everything it told me to do. I shop at Tom Thumb. I printed out the list and bought most items that were blue or green...


Cutting Grocery Bill

C.N. asks from Toledo

Hi ladies - I need some advice on how to save money at the grocery store!!! I have 2 little boys (4,1) and my husband and I and our bill is $800+ a month. To me this...


How to save at the Grocery Store???!!!

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I would like to hear from moms that save a lot of money at the grocery store ... how do you do it? I do buy store brand for some things, but there are other things th...



K.M. asks from Detroit

I am curious to know. We are tight on a budget and we usually don't have much left after bills and grocery shopping each week. So has anyone compaired between Kroger ...


Grocery Planning, Not Dinners

M.R. asks from Rochester

Just looking for a few new ideas while my husband and I re-budget for the fall and winter. We are doing pretty well with planning specific meals, but after tracking ...


Cutting Grocery Bill

J.W. asks from Detroit

My paycheck has taken a major hit this past year (like I know may other people have also experienced). Not only have I not had a raise in years, the school district t...


Weekly Grocery Bill

L.L. asks from Hartford

I just read the Coupon Post and some of the answers and it got me thinking. What are your average grocery bills and how many people are in your family? Now matter how...