Grocery Shopping

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Grocery Cart Covers

S.K. asks from Allentown

Does anyone know how to put those grocery cart covers over the toddler seat on a cart? I tried to put one on yesterday and I felt silly, but couldn't figure it out. ...


Looking for a Grocery Delivery Service

A.G. asks from Dallas

I have two young children and love to order groceries on-line from I just found out they will discontinue delivery service in our area this month. I...


Smarter Grocery Shopping in Lynnwood, Washington State Area?

R.S. asks from Seattle

I've been meaning to ask about this when I saw this recent question on grocery shopping. Great topic! I read it and would like to know more about Coupon Sense and W...


Coupons and Grocery Bill

C.S. asks from Washington DC

How many of you use coupons and check the ads and save lots of money? What is your average grocery bill for family? How do you do it? I have watched Extreme Couponing...


Sampling Grapes in the Grocery Store

M.E. asks from San Francisco

So, once again, I purchased a bunch of sour grapes! I used to sample a grape in the store but now I feel weird doing so - hence I get sour grapes more often then I g...


Grocery Shopping - How to Stretch It Out to Two Weeks Vs. Weekly?

T.A. asks from Sacramento

We have a family of four. We go grocery shopping once a week. Due to our busy lives I would like to shop every other week. I would like to continue eating fresh fr...


Seeking Grocery Advice

D.J. asks from Phoenix

I would love to know what you wonderful mothers think that a reasonable grocery bill is these days here in the valley, maybe in dollars per person? Right now we are s...


Saving Money at the Grocery Store

J.S. asks from St. Louis

I'm looking for advice on how to save more money at the grocery store. I keep reading about families spend less money at the grocery store and want to know how they ...


Reusable Grocery Bags

S.O. asks from Champaign

I'm working here and there a bit to go a little more "green" (already recycle, compost, energy efficient house...) but the grocery bags bother me. Any experience...


Going to the Grocery Store

S.G. asks from Cheyenne

I have a problem with my almost 2 year old daughter. She won't follow me or come when I call her when we are on the way to or from or in the grocery store. She like...