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Cutting Grocery Bill

J.W. asks from Detroit

My paycheck has taken a major hit this past year (like I know may other people have also experienced). Not only have I not had a raise in years, the school district t...


Weekly Grocery Bill

L.L. asks from Hartford

I just read the Coupon Post and some of the answers and it got me thinking. What are your average grocery bills and how many people are in your family? Now matter how...


Families or 4 Out There, What's Your Average Grocery Bill per Week?

S.M. asks from New York

I'm curious were I am in the grocery spending range. I use coupons here and there and I have Stop&Shop cards etc. But I probably could do a lot better in budgeting. I...


Bill Consolidation

K.G. asks from Fort Wayne

Have any of you wonderful mamas done a bill consolidation loan? We are currently paying $250 at about 24% a month just in the minimum owed, we do pay more on the card...


The "Grocery Game"...????

E.A. asks from Dallas

Dear moms: I'm trying to save a little money, specially in grocery shopping, and I'm wondering if The Grocery Game really works and if it's really worthy to try..?...


How to save at the Grocery Store???!!!

J.L. asks from Pittsburgh

I would like to hear from moms that save a lot of money at the grocery store ... how do you do it? I do buy store brand for some things, but there are other things th...


Grocery Savings ??

C.S. asks from Phoenix

I am looking for some suggestions or free websites to get coupons to save on our grocery bill. Im always hearing how people save and get almost their whole grocery b...


Grocery Savings

N.H. asks from Washington DC

Hello Ladies Do any of you know any stores in the DMV that might have double or triple coupon days. I really need any tips you might have to cut my grocery bill or f...


What Do You Do to save Money?

L.D. asks from Modesto

With salary cuts, skyrocketing health insurance costs and inflation, our one salary household is getting squeezed pretty hard. Looking for ideas to save more money. W...


Grocery Coupons

A.O. asks from Sherman

Where do you moms find grocery coupons? I hate spending some much $$$ every week. FYI: I usually shop at Target. (I live in Oklahoma so no HEB here)