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Looking to save Some $!!!

C.S. asks from Green Bay

I'm a stay-at-home mom with three little ones. My husband finished grad school last year and works like crazy for us, but even with his "new and improved salary", I'...


Husband Won't Cut Cable Bill and We Can't Afford It Right Now! ADVICE PLEASE...

C.D. asks from Boca Raton

Morning, I need some advice on how to make my husband understand we need to cut back the cable bill. I have mentioned it a few times and he absolutely says NO WAY and...


What Do You Do to save Money?

C.V. asks from Columbia

We have a budget. We live within our means. We're not in debt (other than the mortgage). I'm just looking for ways we can save a few dollars here and there in orde...


FT Working Mom Turning into a PT Working Mom & Areas to save Money

M.B. asks from Buffalo

I have been a FT worker since I can remember & thru my 7 year old son's life. I just had another baby whom is 5 months old now. I am switching my career into driving ...


Help with Grocery Budget

J.C. asks from Detroit

I would like to try and trim down the amount we spend on groceries per month. Right now we spend about $500 per month on groceries. This doesn't include non-food it...


Creative Ways to save Money?

J.F. asks from Boston

Hi moms, just looking for you to share some ways you save money each month...with 2 kids in daycare, money is really tight. We rarely go out to eat, we shop at the ch...


Monthly Grocery Budget

L.J. asks from San Diego

I'm curious what others spend per month on groceries. I am trying to set a reasonable budget but I am having trouble deciding what is "reasonable". Thank you! I ...


Cloth diapers...did You save Money?

R.S. asks from Chicago

Thinking of switching to cloth diapers in an attempt to save money. Our baby is 1 so I figure we have another good year ahead of us, if not more, of diaper wearing. S...


What Do You Do to save Money?

N.R. asks from Boston

I have seen a lot of folks talking about the economy and saving money. What do you guys do? I shop on my own web portal of course to earn cash back and commissions ...


What's a "Reasonable" Grocery Budget for Family of 4?

R.R. asks from Rochester

On average what do you ladies spend per month on groceries? I'm not trying to spend as little as possible, since a healthy diet paves the way for good health- but I ...