Gripe Water

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Mommys Bliss Gripe Water

C.P. asks from Fresno

my baby is only 19 days old and i gave her the gripe water....will she be ok?


"Gripe Water" for Colic

J. asks from Dallas

Have any of you used "Gripe Water" to help with symptoms of colic? I would love to hear if it worked for you or not.


Gripe Water - Good or Bad?

C.G. asks from San Luis Obispo

i have an 11 day old with a "hurting belly" i just bought some gripe water (suggested by my lactation consultant) if you have used it can you give me some feedback? :)


What's Your Favorite Brand of Gripe Water?

L.B. asks from Denver

Wanting to know what brands of gripe water have worked best for other moms. Hoping to help the baby with teething and tummy upset and reflux. Thanks.


Has Anyone Heard of Gripe Water?

A.E. asks from Dallas

I have recently heard about Gripe Water for helping little tummies. I have been buying Gerber Gas Drops, but it doesn't seem to be helping, and my son (@6 months) ha...


Where Can I Buy Gripe Water?

B.C. asks from Dallas

Good afternoon ladies, I have a 10 day old who seems to be having alot of gassy issues. Somebody recommended gripe water the other day. Do any of you know where I can...


Does Gripe Water Work?

E.K. asks from Seattle

My 5-month old has had some bad tummy aches lately. She's been pretty constipated because we just went to all formula (Earth's Best) instead of formula and breast fe...


Wondering About Gripe Water

S.W. asks from Omaha

I've recently discovered a product called Gripe Water which is said to alleviate a number of infant discomforts (hiccoups, teething pain, stomach upset, gassiness, co...


Should I use gripe water on infant who has colic and acid reflux?

L.B. asks from Sherman

I'm not new at this "mommy thing"; I've fostered 8 infants, most of which have had feeding issues. However, I'm stumped on this newest little girl. I've been workin...


Gas Water??

M.T. asks from Kansas City

Hello fellow moms! I always come here for my mommy issues. Here is my latest that I need help with. I have a 2 week old little boy. He is on Similac Advance and b...