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Baby's Poo Burned Her Bottom :(

K.J. asks from Orlando

My 15month old daughter had a poo that burned her bottom so badly there are even 2 small spots where the skin is a little broken from blistering. Has anyone experienc...


15 Mo Old Daughter Has Had Loose Stool / Diarrhea for 4 Weeks

L.R. asks from Austin

My 15 mo old had an ear infection 4 weeks ago, was put on antibiotics and since has developed a progressively worse case of the runs. I wouldn't say it's text book d...


Baby Has a Terrible Diaper Rash...

H.L. asks from Washington DC

I am wondering if anyone has a good cure for diaper rash. I am trying to allow my baby's bottom to get air, applying Balmex, and changing him frequently. I am seein...


What to Add/leave off Baby Registry?

S.J. asks from Wausau

Hi - I am wondering what items other Moms have put on their Baby Registry, and what items you would leave off? Obviously, leave off clothes, but is there anything you...


Diaper Rash

M.B. asks from New York

My son has a bad diaper rash. Desitin is not working. I've been using A&D ointment. Is there anything else I can use or do?


Baby Has Paiful Gas Pain?? Help!

T.B. asks from Nashville

Hello My 19 week old boy is having intense gas pain and I dont know how to help him!! 9 days ago I brought him to the doctor because he was turning bright red and sc...


Severe Diaper Rash

A.C. asks from Detroit

My 8 month old daughter suffers from severe diaper rash sometimes and I'm looking for suggestions on how to help treat her. I try to change her ASAP, leaving my child...


Any Super Cures for Diaper Rash? Open Sores = Miserable Baby and Sad Mama

M.O. asks from Chicago

We are dealing with a baby who has some diagnosed food allergies...a work in progress. But boy when something irritates his bowels WATCH OUT. He poops constantly,...


Diaper Rash

C.H. asks from New York

I am looking for an alternative to Desitin, Balmex and A&D. My youngest has diaper rash on and off and the A& D does not work for her. She screams when I put Desiti...


Infant with Allergy or Diaper Rash on Belly

K.M. asks from Omaha

My 11 month old son has developed a rash on his belly from his diapers. He has sensitive skin, we had to use pampers sensitives when he was born. All other diapers g...