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Placing Twins in Separate Grades?

A.H. asks from Corpus Christi

I have 6 y.o boy/boy fraternal twins -R & M. They are in K and the teacher & school reading specialist called me in for a meeting yesterday w/ the Principal and stro...


What Do We Do About Grades Going down for Middle Schooler?

E.R. asks from New York

My daughter is 13 years old. She began this school year with high honors, a GPA of 3.5 but in 3 subjects has come down to a C from an A or B. My psychologist friend s...


Teenagers and Grades and Stuff Thanks

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

Ok I have a stepson who's 14 and in 9th grade who is failing school. He will pull a grade up then miss a few assignments and it goes bs k down. He just doesn't seem t...


Seperating Twins in Grades

J.H. asks from Davenport

I just returned from my children's parent/teacher conferences. Not surprisingly, the twins (seperate kindergarten classrooms) had different accounts from their teache...


Help with My 14 Yr Old Son - Anger Issues, Behavior, Grades, & ADHD

D.L. asks from Dayton

I could really use some constructive advice ladies. My husband & I have 6 kids between us (I have 2, he has 4). There is no 'step' issues or even that concept in our ...


Summer "Battle Plan" Teen Sons Bad Grades, Fighting, Chores, Etc. Not Ready Help

J.K. asks from Mansfield

Hi Mommas- summer came too quick for me this year and I am not quiet ready for it. I do not have a "battle plan" for this summer. Last year totally organized with cho...


Step Daughter Bad Grades Need Help Schooling During Summer Out of Control PLEASE

A.M. asks from Bloomington

My 11 yr old stepdaghter has recently come to live with us for good. I have been there since she was 18 months old so we have a good bond. Her mother has moved around...


My 10 Year Old Son Keeps Getting Bad Grades. What Else Can I Do to Fix This?

M.T. asks from Phoenix

my son is in 4th grade and the first semester of school he made the honor roll and this time he got a D in social studies and a C- in Science on his report card. i to...


Middle School Daughter's Grades Dropping

M.U. asks from Charlotte

She is grounded for not bringing home all of her homework and completing it. She was always one of the top students in elementary. She only previously struggled with...


Wow! Kindergarten Is Only a Few Hours a Day! What About Grades 1-8?

K.S. asks from San Francisco

I remember being in school all day long (or, well, from 8:00 to 3:00). How long is the first grade day?