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Consequences for Grades and Homework

N.H. asks from Stockton

Some ideas on consequences for bad grades/motivation to do better. My son is struggling in school. Do I punish for bad grades i.e grounding or money for each good gra...


Am I the Only Mom Who Cares??? a Poll About Grades...

C.O. asks from Washington DC

I have my tween son (12 years old going on 21) behind me. We are having an argument - or debate - that **I** am the ONLY MOM ON EARTH who cares about his grades. He t...


I Want to Talk About Grades.

T.F. asks from Washington DC

My daughter started pre-school today! She only had it for an hour as like an orientation thing today but she seemed to enjoy herself. The pre-school said that the kid...


Paying Kids for Good Grades - Currious

L.M. asks from New York

This really isn't a question, but I'm just currious to see what other moms have to say about the subject. I have never even considered paying my kids for good grades...


Consequences for Bad Grades- Etc Summer School- Vacation

R.P. asks from Los Angeles

My stepson (17)has bombed eveyyclass is now getting help has not had the best behavior or motivation to get things done, chores, homework had over a month to turn thi...


Smart Kid, Bad Grades, Too Social

N.Y. asks from Philadelphia

My 12-year-old son is a social butterfly. He is well liked by everyone and he has the biggest heart. He loves to make people laugh; however, he does this at the wrong...


7Th Grader and Falling Grades

K.C. asks from Dallas

I have a 12 year old (he'll be 13 on the 28th) step-son. He is in the 7th grade and is not doing so well. About 2 -3 weeks into the year, he informed us he had a girl...


Sons Behavior and Grades

J.F. asks from Shreveport

My 11 yr old son has problems in school.cant concentrate.gets terrible grades in school. Disrespectful to me and siblings. Teachers only have problems getting him to ...


Multiple Children and Grades

V.W. asks from Jacksonville

Playing off of an earlier question... those of you who reward or punish based upon the grades, what do you do when you have 2 or more children who are very different ...


High School Son Has Failing Grades

D.B. asks from Wichita

Hi Moms. This is my first time asking for advice here. My 16 year old son (Junior in HS) has not been turning in homework or studying for his tests and his grades a...