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A.H. asks from Spartanburg

This may sound unrealistic but I really thought my 7 year old daughter would get all A's on her first report card. She will most likely have all A's and 1 B. I have...



S.S. asks from Dallas

I'm taking a poll, asking the question: Was a "C" in a class acceptable when you were in grade school? **Note, I am not referring to kids with special needs or ...


Ideas for Son Getting Bad Grades

T.C. asks from San Francisco

For the last few years, my son has been struggling with grades. K-3 he always did great in school, now, since about the 4th grade, he's brought home some good grades...


Would You Pay Your Kids for Good Grades?

S.G. asks from Norfolk

I don't think I would ( and my oldest doesn't get letter grades yet) but I think this was "done" quite a bit when my husband and I were growing up. $10 for an "A" on...


Payment for Good Grades

L.B. asks from Stockton

Hi all. My daughter is 13yo and has been getting letter grades since the 4th grade. Well, every report card she has gotten all A's and one B. Every time. Drives h...


Grandparents Paying for Good Grades

L.T. asks from Houston

Out of the blue today, my inlaws sent an email to me and all my husband's siblings that have children and said this school year they would pay $10 for every A that th...


Grade Accountability: Do You Reward for Good Grades?

S.R. asks from Denver

My dd just started middle school this school year (our middle school starts in 6th grade), and this is the first time she has actually received grades that are based ...


Rewarding Good Grades

A.L. asks from Melbourne

My nine year son is currently in third grade. He had a rough start in his 'School Career', struggling through kindergarten, failing first grade, ect. Well, he is now ...


Giving Money for Grades????????

T.R. asks from Evansville

I wanted to know if there are any parents who give money for grades on report cards? If so, how much for what grades? I have a son in 6th grade who is really doing go...


Am I Asking Too Much from My Daughter's Grades??

T.T. asks from Los Angeles

Hello. My daughter is 12 and going into 7th grade(she has a late birthday, but going from private to public school they couldnt hold her back). Her grades are mostly ...