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Report Cards

T.B. asks from Washington DC

Hello Ladies, Do you reward your children for getting good grades on their report card or on tests? My 10 and 12 year old think they should be paid for getting A's...


How Are Your Kids Graded in Elementary School? ABCDF? Portfolios? 4321?

S.K. asks from Dallas

I am just wondering how elementary schools around the country are grading their students. My kids don't get grades on their work. I mean there are no percentages. T...


Letting a Child Do Homework by Himself?

M.M. asks from Chicago

Does anyone has experience of letting their child handle homework himself/herself to improve their grades and study habits? I have been doing homework with my son and...


Good Book Suggestions for a 4 1/2 Year Old?

M.W. asks from Chicago

My child is 4 1/2 years old, is learning how to read, and loves to be read to. We've got the usual books (Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books, Madeline, Curious George, My...


What Are Some Good Books to Read to 8 Yr Old Daughter?

A.K. asks from Dallas

Hi Mom's! I'm looking for some suggestions on books for me to read during story time at night to my 8 yr old daughter. We've just finished Adventures of Huck Finn ...


Looking for Early Entry into kindergarten...Academically Very Good Student

H.M. asks from Portland

My daughter is 2 months short for entry in kindergarten (Beaverton, OR) and not eligible to the early entry test too... I did a lot of research already to not waste an...


Insurance for Teen

J.J. asks from Milwaukee

How do you go about the payment of insurance when your child starts driving? I was thinking of paying half and it will still be $80 which i think is way too much for a...


Teenage Stubborness

C.H. asks from Chicago

Help! I need some advice on what to do! I have a teenage son who has gone through a big change. He used to care about his grades and take pride in what he does. Now he...


Looking for a Good Kinder Curriculium

M.M. asks from Dallas

Ok we use Saxon math and we use a variety of things for phonics. Right now we are just reading Bob books. I need a kinder curic. Any ideas.. Something with maybe some ...


Need Help with 12 Yr Old Daughter

L.S. asks from Buffalo

how do i get my daughter more interested in school? she likes to talk and mess around with her friends when she is supposed to be learing her school work. she starte...