Good Hygiene

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Child "Behind" but Had All A's Every Year????

B.H. asks from Dayton

My child is starting 5th and has always had all A's and excelled in every way. We decided to switch to private school After being tested, we were told our child is...


Frustrated with How Science Is Being Taught in school.....what Do You Think?

S.L. asks from Green Bay

Hello, I love asking all of you questions because of the wonderful, diverse responses from all over the country. My husband and I were quite disappointed to fin...


10 Year Old Who Hates Baths and Showers?!

C.N. asks from South Bend

I have a 10 year old very healthy female. I am currently working more on her weight that seemed to just happen overnight. However, she has a huge problem with taking ...


To Circumcise or Not to Circumcise... That Is the Question

M.S. asks from Denver

so I'm debating about this one... due with a baby boy (obviously) in june, and I'm really pondering the whole circumcision question. my gut tells me that I just do...


Tooth Brushing for a 16Mo Old

E.H. asks from Austin

Hi, I have a 16 mo old daughter and we're having some issues with dental hygiene. I used to let her do most of the brushing, but then I was pretty horrified to dis...


I Have a Bachelor's Degree-do I Dare Change Careers??

J.K. asks from Cleveland

Hello! I am currently a SAHM with a BS in Education. My boys will both be in school full time most likely in 2 years. I definately plan on returning to the workforc...


Allowance for Young Kids

M.J. asks from Tucson

My daughter is almost 7yrs. old and is interested in 'earning' money to buy special items and to give for contribution at church. We'd also like her to learn about bu...


Public Restrooms and the Water in Toilets

A.G. asks from Houma

I am looking for opinions as I am worried about a little girl. Her grandmother has taught her that after a bowel movement, to flush, then dip TP into the toilet bowl...


Looking for Not-the-Typical Advice for Kindergarten Parents

A.C. asks from Detroit

My first child is starting kindergarten next year and I am hoping you all can share random, weird, off-the-wall, who-would-have-thought-of-that advice for newbies. ...


Power Struggle over Doing Hair

S.R. asks from Washington DC

My nearly 12 year old daughter does not seem to care about the appearance of her hair. I try and spend a few minutes in the morning helping her "do" her hair before ...