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Help with My ADHD Daughter/getting Going in Morning/hygiene Issues

S.H. asks from Wichita

Hi, I am a single mom of three kids - my oldest is 10 and is severely ADHD. She is on Concerta which helps but mornings remain a huge struggle. On days out of school...


Teaching Certification After Already Obtaining a BS

H.D. asks from Dallas

I have a BS in Dental Hygiene. I love that I can work part time and make good money while my children are young and not in school. However, it is not something I want...


UTI Three Times in a Row in 5 Years Old

A.H. asks from Salt Lake City

Please help, I am scheduling an appt with the pet tomorrow for the third time in three months for my daughter. she is having another UTI again!!! I am trying to cle...


I Don't like Kissing My Husband...

M.S. asks from Provo

He has bad breath. He hardly ever brushes his teeth. I don't remember when this became such a problem...we used to be just a couple of horny you-know-whats. A kiss he...


Need Help Getting My 6 Year Old to Take Care of Herself and Her Belongings

J.A. asks from Boston

I am having difficulty getting my 6 year old to take care of herself and her belongings. I constantly find her things (shoes, toys, clothes) all over the house and s...


Sunday School Teachers and Health/Safety Issues

A.C. asks from Detroit

Before I receive any suggestions about this, I DO TEACH Sunday school and even organized and directed a teachers' workshop for area churches. Here are my questions...


Question Re - Kids Not Wiping/having Accidents

C.M. asks from Los Angeles

I love MamaSource, but sometimes I wish it was set up so the questions posted could be more of a forum. I'm concerned about an aspect of the soiled underwear issue t...


Seeking Some Input/advice

A.R. asks from Boise

Hi there, I am in need of some advice for a issue that is beginning to make me crazy. I have a 10 year old daughter who I cannot get to take on any personal hygiene e...


Book Recommendation to Explain Puberty to a Boy

K.S. asks from Minneapolis

Sigh. I think the time has come to take a more formal approach to introducing my soon-to-be-10 yr old son to puberty and what it means to become a young man. A huge a...



K.D. asks from Salt Lake City

Hi everyone - this is my first time asking a question. I am really in need of some advice. My 3 year son who we adopted is not circumcised and I am considering havi...