Good Hygiene

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9 Y/o Daughter with Bad Hygiene!

J.P. asks from Rochester

My daughter turned 9 in December and I have a VERY hard time getting her to take care of herself. I'm at my wits end as to what to do. She was diagnosed with adhd alm...


Mom Seeking Hygiene Advice for a 11 Year Old

J.M. asks from Philadelphia

Hi everyone. i am in need of some advice on the topic on shaving legs. My daughter is 10 soon to be 11 and has really hairy legs. It really bothers me. She has no...


Seeking Advice for Increasing Cooperation in 12Yr Old Son's Dental Hygiene

D.S. asks from Phoenix

I need some suggestions in getting my son to cooperate better with caring for his teeth and tongue. Great kid, just seems to avoid brushing, flossing, and swishing li...


Kids and Bathroom/handwashing Hygiene

M.E. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a "game" or something they'd like to share about teaching good handwashing/not touching the flusher, etc. in a bathroom? I am really trying to teach...


How to Teach a 2 Yr Old to Brush His Teeth

R.F. asks from Kansas City

hello everyone, could someone please give me advise on how to start showing my son to brush his teeth, I have already bought him a toothrush he loves and he tries to ...


How to Teach What Sex Is to a 10 Yr Old Boy ....

L.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi! Feeling a lil nervous about taking the pro-active step in talking with my son about what sex is -- I think I am afraid of saying too much --- anybody have any gr...


Question on Baby Boy Hygiene...

L.G. asks from New York

I feel like a doof having to ask this but...what special care is given to an older(11 months) baby boy's genital area? We were instructed after his circumcision to r...


Survey: Hygiene Habits

E.D. asks from Seattle

((My children are just turned five and about to turn four)) Hi'ya folks, I'd like to hear how it works in your home. Last night I was getting one of our girls s...


Toilet Hygiene for a 4 Yr. Old Girl

A.C. asks from Detroit

What is the "appropriate" age to teach a girl to clean herself after a bowel movement? I ask this because my daughter will attend preschool in the fall and I know she...


Advice on Helping My Daughter Learn Better Bathroom Hygiene

C.S. asks from Chicago

My almost 4 year old is not doing too well wiping after she has a BM. She asks for help when we are together but while she's at school-- she's on her own. I've talked...