Going Back to School

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How to Handle Husband's Wish to Change Career

C.B. asks from New York

Hello moms. I am hoping someone out there has had the experience of a husband making a drastic career change or going back to school, etc. My hubby just dropped the bo...



A.J. asks from Eau Claire

Anyone else ever just feel really lost. As stated in my previous post, I had a really important job interview this week and just found out I did not get the job :( Jus...


Single Mom What Job Do You Do for Money

T.C. asks from Wichita

I am a single mom of three young kids. I do work 35 hours a week in a elementary school but I am off two weeks in christmas, inservice days, and summer. What do single...


Really Really REALLY Regretting Getting MBA...

S.S. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Moms, this is both to vent and to ask advice. I got my MBA last year but unexpectedly got pregnant in my last year. I had the baby a month after graduation and si...


Lazy Husband Driving Me Crazy

C.S. asks from Omaha

My lazy husband is going to drive me crazy. He works early morning hours normally going to work at 3am but be is done by 11 at the latest. For example yesterday he was...


Schooling Poll...Please Take If You Would

H.J. asks from Minneapolis

1. Do you have a bachlors degree and if so do you make more then $50,000 with that degree a year? 2. Does your hubby have a bachlors degree and if so does he make mor...


Im Pregnant and Im Stressed Out Because of My Babys Father/fiance

J.G. asks from Des Moines

I am 22 years old and i fell in love with a 19 year old who swept me off my feet. Im from georgia and i moved to iowa less than a year ago. I got pregnant by my fiance...


18 Year Old Step Son Dropped Out of School and No Job - Can We "Kick Him Out"?

V.M. asks from Boston

I will try and keep this as short and on point as possible. The background is that my step son, now 18, has been living with us full time since he was 13 (part time b...


Continuing Education, Getting Loan to Cover School + Living Expenses

Y.D. asks from Chicago

I have a question about school loans which I don't know much about. I was wondering if it's at all possible to go back to school and get a loan to pay for school plus ...


Pell Grant

K.S. asks from Dallas

Hello, I have applied and been confirmed a pell grant, I will only be going to school part time and I'm not sure how the pell grant works, does it stay in an account...