Going Back to School

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Nursing school.....eventually MSN

V.S. asks from Lima

Ok so if you have read my posts before, I am currently enrolled in nursing school. I have 3 small children (4, 22 months & 6 months). I am married to a wonderful man ...


HELP With the In-laws!

W.R. asks from Baton Rouge

I am recently married and we have a wonderful 7 month old little boy. I am only 18 and I'm sure most of you think of me as a child, but I'm trying to raise my son and...


If Your Parents Helped You Buy Your House.....

L.N. asks from Sarasota

....do you owe it to them to stay there forever? Pay them back if you move? etc? I have a very sticky situation and NEED advice. My parents helped us buy our house...


Education On-line

M.W. asks from Kansas City

I am looking for recommendations for on-line college courses. I am wanting to finish my degree, however I have not been in school in over ten years and do not know m...


Sick/time off for Part Time Nanny

J.L. asks from Chicago

How do you handle sick days and holidays for part time nannies? We're hiring a nanny 3 days a week for about 3 hours each day to care for our kindergartener after ...


, I Need Venting, Feel Sad Now

E.V. asks from Phoenix

Dear moms, I just got a message from the junior pastor in my church. He said that this Sunday I will be the only nursery worker in the church, because he and the gro...


How Can I Persuade My Husband to Have the 3Rd Kid?

Z.C. asks from Cincinnati

Our family got one 4 year boy and one 2 year girl. It seems a perfect family. But I always want one more, perhaps one of the reason is that I want one back-up. I also...


Medical Assistant Program

A.E. asks from Minneapolis

I have been thinking a lot lately about going back to school (in my 30's), I have always been drawn to the medical field (went to college for 1 year after high school...


How to Get a Filthy House Clean

J.C. asks from Tuscaloosa

I am embarassed to post this but something has to be done. I have battled severe depression since coming down with post partum depression in 2002 and am in the recove...


Retiring to Florida

K.D. asks from Chicago

My husband wants to retire and move to Florida. I don't want to retire, or move. We currently live in a suburb of Chicago which I and of course our 3 kids have live...