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Boyfriend Is Having a Baby with His Ex Girlfriend

C.M. asks from San Francisco

Hi ladies, I am really torn and don't know how to proceed. I have been divorced for 4 years and have a 7 year old son. I met a man 4 months ago and we have been ...


He Wants His Girlfriend to Meet Our Baby- What Do I Do??

B.A. asks from Portland

Hi Mommies, I am newly a single Mommy to a beautiful almost 15 month girl, who is the love of my life. Daddy decided that family life just wasn't for him, (to put it...


Opinions on 16-Year-old Having Sleepovers with Girlfriend

C.S. asks from Grand Rapids

My step-son is 16 and lives with us full-time (mom lives over 2 hours away). His girlfriend of almost 4 months is also 16. When our son goes to visit his mom on wee...


Girlfriend Dating Man with New Baby.

C.N. asks from Los Angeles

My boyfriend and I dated for just about a year and then we broke up for a few months, but in the time we were separated he was with another girl who got pregnant with...


Are My exH and His Girlfriend Out of Line?

A.J. asks from Salt Lake City

My exH has a new girlfriend who the kids have known "his friend" for four months. We have been divorced for four months and separated for seven. My ex had not given ...


Visiting Girlfriend's Parents

S.P. asks from Minneapolis

Some background first: My daughter's father and I have been apart for 8 of our daughter's 8.5 years. He currently lives with his long-time girlfriend and her son. ...


Meeting Grandpa & Grandpa's Girlfriend

H.R. asks from Seattle

DH & I will be taking our daughter to meet my father and his girlfriend in a couple of weeks. The relationship between my father and I has been strained over the year...


Manner of Dress by Son's Girlfriend

M.A. asks from Athens

Our son's girlfriend (mother of a 8 year old child) is around us a great deal and wears bikinis that are far too brief in our opinion. She is also in the view of our ...


Meeting the New Girlfriend?

J.C. asks from Atlanta

To give you a little background. My 2 month olds father and I were never in a stated relationship. We lived together until I was about 6 months pregnant. When I menti...


First Visit with Girlfriend's Children...

C.W. asks from Joplin

My girlfriend and I have been together for about six months and she has three children. We're in a long distance relationship, but spend as much time together as poss...