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Gifted Program

S.S. asks from Orlando

Hi! I'd like to ask for input on having a child in the gifted program. Just like every other parent, I have always thought my kid was bright and smart, but I was a li...


Gifted Program

S.B. asks from Evansville

My son's teacher called us at home and told us that she wants to nominate him for the "gifted program" for next school year (5th grade). I am very proud that she feel...


I Think My Son Might Be Gifted. Where Do I Get Him Tested?

E.P. asks from San Francisco

I believe my son might be gifted. He is very smart and gets bored at school because he always finishes fast. Do any of you know where I can get him tested? Is it expe...


Testing for Gifted and Learning Disabled Students

B.C. asks from Dallas

Okay, mommies.....My son is a very brilliant child. He also has behavioral problems. He used to take meds, but we decided that wasn't the best thing for him anymore. ...


Advice on Moving 3Rd Grader to the Gifted Class

M.C. asks from Norfolk

I am looking for advice for my 3rd grader. I have just started researching the gifted program and am looking for any general advice or direction. He is extremely bo...


Gifted Child

S.D. asks from New York

I don't know how to say this without feeling like I am over exagerating or bragging, so I will say this and hope it comes out right to someone who can help... My s...


Skipping Kindergarten

E.W. asks from Dallas

I know a lady who has her child in a preschool kindergarten class in order to skip public kindergarten and go straight to first grade. She turns 6 in September. Ques...


When to Start Kindergarten

C.S. asks from New York

I am debating keeping my kids until they are closer to six years old to start kindergarten. They will have just turned five and have never been to preschool or dayca...


Testing Out of Kindergarten

A.K. asks from Dallas

Are there any moms out there that decided to have their child test to skip kindergarten and begin first grade? Our daughter is 4 and won't be entering Kindergarten u...


Advise for Dealing with a Potentially Gifted Child

M.K. asks from Minneapolis

I have my 5 year old enrolled in a Montessori program where he is doing very well. Hhe - technically - did not qualify to enter Kindergarden this year as his birthda...