Gift Ideas: Teddy Bears

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What Was Your "Push" Present?

M.P. asks from Chicago

I know it's not standard with everyone but it seems to be becoming more popular for the father of the baby to present a "push" present to the mother of the baby for a...


Birthday Present Ideas for Son's 16 Yr Old Girlfriend

J.T. asks from Columbus

My son will be attending his "girlfriend's" Sweet 16 birthday party and asked what he should get her. They've only been "going together" for a couple of months, whic...


Present for Mother in Law..

B.Z. asks from Houston

Hello, ladies.... I have no ideas what to give as a present for my mother in law. She will be 56 years. She is in other country, so gift cards would not work. Also...


What Should I Do If a Parent Asks Us NOT to Bring a Birthday Present?

L.S. asks from Providence

My sister has asked me not to bring a gift for my soon to be 2 year old nephew. I will feel bad if I do not bring anything for him. Do I just respect her wishes...


Christining Gift

C.S. asks from New York

Hello, A dear friend of mine recently had a baby boy and she is having a christining party for him. I am not a catholic so I am not sure as to what to give for a gi...


Gift Ideas for the New Baby to Give Its Big Brother at the Hospital...

M.G. asks from Chattanooga

Hello ladies, I am expecting my second child in about 8 weeks and everyone keeps telling me that the new baby needs to have a gift for its Big Brother at the hospita...


Big Sister Gift

C.H. asks from Denver

We are getting ready to welcome baby #2 and are trying to figure out something sweet that the baby can give to our DD (17mo) upon his/her arrival. We were thinking ei...


Donations for Birthday Gift

B.T. asks from Kansas City

My daughter is turning 7 at the end of April so I'm doing some advanced planning for her birthday party. In the last year she has been invited to two parties where in...


Christmas Gift for Bus Driver?

D.G. asks from Houston

What should I give the bus driver for Christmas (for my son)? This is his first year riding the bus so I don't know what is normal! Thanks for any suggestions!