Getting to School

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Can a School Bus Driver...

K.L. asks from Cincinnati

HI, I am having trouble finding anything about the actual Kenton County, KY Laws or general Rules of conduct concerning a bus driver detaining and accusing my son of ...


What to Do About School?

J.C. asks from Lynchburg

Okay, first off, my son says he loves school. He says he doesn't want to miss it/stop going, etc. He has a best friend there and other little friends, and really come...


Keeping Warm at the Bus Stop?

M.O. asks from Chicago

We have skinny little kids. I know most kids are thin, but mine are skinny - no fat = no warmth. So how do I keep them warm for the 5-10 mins at the bus stop? It...


Should Kids Take the Bus?

J.O. asks from Detroit

My kids will both attend a close, 5 minute away school (2 different ones). One is in preschool (at one school), the other in K (at another school). Same time so I c...


Would You Drive Instead of Bus?

J.P. asks from Pittsburgh

My son is starting kindergarten next week. I am sick with worry about every aspect of it, but acting so excited for my son. The neighbor told me her son had problems ...



B.J. asks from Rochester

This may turn into more of a rant then a question:( My son is 7 (2nd grade). My concern is that he is already put in with the "dumb" kids. He really isn't. When I hav...


Any School Bus Drivers Out There? I Have a Question

C.A. asks from New York

I am very excited about being a bus driverI I do have some questions to ask. What do you do to make your riders behave? I was told to give stickers or one was to have...


Should a Kindergartener Be Allowed to Walk Home from School W/out Adult

K.H. asks from Dallas

my answer is no. but i found out that my step son, who just turned 6, walked home every day this week with his 7 or 8 year old neighbor and no adult. apparently, his ...


No Parent at Bus Stop, What to Do?

D.C. asks from Grand Junction

Hi mammas! I will try and keep this short. I have a 9 almost 10 year old son in the 4th grade. In our neighborhood, there is only 2 stops. There is 2 inlet streets, a...


Bus Troubles/mean Kids

A.S. asks from Portland

My 1st grader has been having trouble on the bus. He is not being bullied per se. I have read the other thread on bullying and there was lots of good advice but this...