Getting to School

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School Lunchtime

A.S. asks from Dallas

I really should have asked this last year when my daughter was entering kindergarten. The schdule for lunches is overlapping at her school in order to get everyone in...


School Fundraisers

C.A. asks from Chicago

I am looking for good ideas for school fundraisers. We have done a book sale that doesn't net too much money. Schools in our district already have clothing and toys sa...


To Send to School or Not?

H.M. asks from Dallas

I am torn about what to do with my soon to be 4 year old who wil now be able to attend the public school in August. I used to work outside of the home (last year), so...


School Lunches

K.S. asks from Columbus

My son is entering 1st grade & I will be sending him with lunch. He is a pretty picky eater & although the school provides pretty good meals, he won't eat much of any...


Medical School

S. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any suggestions are studying techniques. I am a Medical Student that is going to school to become a MA and want to continue after I graduate in Jan 20...


Private School

J.L. asks from San Diego

I've written in the past about my 4.5 year old smarty pants girl. She's been in a progressive private school (toddler - 8) since she was a toddler and now she's in Pr...


Too Young for School?

R.S. asks from New York

My son will turn 3 at the end of November but seems to have the intellect of a 4 year old. He can practically read, uses the potty without issue, and has an enormous v...


Sunday School

S.C. asks from Fort Wayne

A friend and I are gong to take over Sunday School at our small church. Most of the kids are between 3 & 4. There are some older and 1 younger, but the bulk fall into ...


After School Childcare

J.F. asks from Philadelphia

The father of my 9 year old daughters best friend called me the other day, he said he needed after school childcare for his son and can I watch him. He said after car...


School and Baby

N.D. asks from Cincinnati

Before my daughter, I had a full schedule. I was in school with 18 credit hours with a 3.8 GPA, I was working full time, I worked out 4 times a week, and still had ti...